Congratulations on the arrival of your bundle of joy!

The early days with your newborn are a whirlwind of emotions, sleepless nights, and countless heart-melting moments.

One way to treasure these fleeting moments forever is through lifestyle newborn photography. Unlike traditional posed newborn sessions, lifestyle photography captures the authenticity of your baby's early days in the comfort of your own home.
Tacoma newborn photo session at home, in baby's nursery.

Newborn photos, but make it comfortable

Those tiny toes, button noses, and adorable yawns – oh, the joy of newborn days! I'm here to freeze those heartwarming moments in time. Nestled in the heart of Puyallup and serving Orting, Graham, Tacoma, Bonney Lake, and beyond, I'll create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere right in the comfort of your home where your baby can be themselves. No forced poses, just pure, genuine snapshots of your little one's early days.


Can siblings be included?

Of course! Having mom, dad, and siblings included in your newborn session really pulls everyone together. Not only documenting your new baby, but also your new family!

How old should my baby be for their newborn session?

Typically, the best time for your newborn session will be when baby is between 1-2 weeks old. The great thing about lifestyle newborn sessions, is that if you would rather wait a little longer to do them, that's totally fine!

How do I schedule a newborn session without knowing what date they will be born?

We will use your due date as a place holder. Once baby arrives (and you've had time to get settled) touch base with me and we will officially schedule the session.

When should I book my babies newborn session?

As soon as you are comfortable! Typically, I would recommend at least by about 32 weeks. Booking earlier will ensure that there are openings for your newborn and give you one less thing to worry about.

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What clients are saying:

Leslie B.

Jessica absolutely blew my expectations out of the water. She worked so quickly and well with a semi cranky 1 year old. I expected to get maybe 5 good pictures… and here I am buying the entire gallery because there are so many good shots. Her editing is beautiful and enhanced the colors of the shoot so well. Absolutely recommend her!

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