Little E's Cake Smash

Picture this: pumpkins, a vintage red trike, and a first birthday portrait/cake smash session that's nothing short of magical.

Our star? An adorable little guy stepping into the realm of toddlerhood. Quiet but oh-so-charming, he brought a hint of mystery to the session. Getting him to crack a smile felt like unlocking a treasure chest—challenge accepted!

Now, onto the cake smash—cue the drumroll. Spoiler alert: not every kiddo is a cake enthusiast. Our birthday boy gave the cake a skeptical side-eye, but hey, more cake for the rest of us, right? The rustic rocking chair added a touch of nostalgia, and the vintage red trike stole the show.

As the autumn breeze played with the golden leaves, we crafted moments that would live on forever. Despite the cake's lukewarm reception, the images turned out to be pure gold. The quiet moments, the twinkles in his eyes, and even the cake-induced pondering—we captured it all.

So here's to autumn whispers, cake smash surprises, and capturing the essence of turning one. Keep smiling, keep celebrating, and remember, sometimes the best smiles come from the quietest souls.

puyallup + Tacoma cake smash photographer