7 Misconceptions About Birth Photography

Have you been on the fence on if Birth Photography is right for you?

Maybe you're intrigued by some of the breathtaking images and or video you have seen online, but still aren't quite sure. There are SO. MANY. QUESTIONS.

Let's dive through them!

Here the 7 Most Common Misconceptions about Birth Photography - that I personally have encountered with friends, family, clients, etc.

1. Birth photography Is Graphic And Invasive

One of the most common misconceptions about birth photography is that it’s graphic and invasive.

While some may consider birth to be a "messy", graphic, or even gross thing to document - it is so much more!

This is new life!

This is the only moment you will ever have of meeting your baby for the first time. You only see them take their first breath, hear their first cry, and touch their soft skin for the first time - ONCE. And it happens in literally, the blink of an eye.

Birth photographers (at least the ones I know) are professionals who know how to capture the moment without being intrusive or graphic.

We are trained to be respectful of the mother’s privacy and to document the birth in a way that is tasteful and beautiful.

2. Only Home Births Can Be Photographed

Another misconception is that only home births can be photographed.

All births deserve to be documented!

While it may have been harder, or not all in some instances during the height of Covid, most hospitals are opening back up and that includes the visitor policy in L&D.

Birth photography is possible in (almost) any setting - whether it’s a hospital, birthing center, or home birth.

Many hospitals and birthing centers are even now more open and accepting to the idea of birth photography, and some even have policies in place to allow it.

3. Birth Photography Is Expensive

Another common misconception is that birth photography is too expensive.

While birth photography can be a significant investment -

When you consider the value of capturing such a powerful and transformative experience, the cost of birth photography is well worth it.

Many birth photographers offer payment plans as well. Some even have the ability to add your birth photography investment to your baby shower registry!

Additionally, birth photography is an investment in capturing a once-in-a-lifetime moment that can never be recreated.

4. Birth Photography Is Only For Natural Births

Many people believe that birth photography is only for those who plan to have a natural birth.

This is absolutely, NOT the case.

Birth photographers are experienced in capturing all types of births, including those that involve medical interventions.

Whether you go through labor naturally with no medical intervention or pain management, use nitrous, or have an epidural or even a cesarian -

The birth of your baby deserves to be documented. Your whole story, however it unfolds, is yours and I will be there cheering you on while I document your story.

No matter how a your baby enters the world, it’s still a momentous occasion that deserves to be documented.

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5. Birth Photography Is a Trend

Some people believe that birth photography could be a trend that will fade away.

This is simply not the case, and for good reason!

Birth photography has been around for decades! It is such a valuable and important form of photography.

The only one that can truly capture the beauty and emotion of birth.

While it may not be for everyone, birth photography is a powerful way to preserve the memories of one of life's most transformative experiences.

And how cool is that we have this option?!

6. Birth Photography Is Only For Mothers

Some people believe that birth photography is only for mothers, and that fathers or partners aren't included in the process. Or that it is selfish of a mother to invest in birth photography because it is only about her.

However, birth photography can capture the emotions and experiences of everyone involved in the birthing process, especially fathers/partners.

Truly, the only way to get the emotions, reactions, and bond documented is to hire a birth photographer.

This applies to other family members as well. Do you plan to have your own mother present? How about a sister or best friend?

Birth photography can be a way to document the bond and love that is shared between everyone during this special time.

7. Birth photography is not necessary

Some people believe that birth photography is unnecessary, and that the memories of the experience are enough. Much like your wedding day, this a major, life changing moment.

Birth is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and having professional photographs to look back on can be a priceless and cherished keepsake.

Birth photography can capture the moments that you may not have been able to see or remember, and can help you relive the experience for years to come.

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