Have questions about birth photography?

That's normal! It can be unknown territory for a lot of people so I have created a little cheat sheet to help with some of the questions you might have!

If you still have unanswered questions, please reach out!

Woman labors over push bar in hospital bed while husband leans in holding and kissing her arm.
Mom holds new baby with dad leaning in with his hand showing wedding ring rests on her leg.

Ok but, I don't want to see all that...

I get it! I think all of birth is beautiful and there is nothing quite like seeing a baby crowning and being born.

With that being said, I will document those amazing crowning shots if (and only if) you would like them. I send you a questionnaire where I ask all of your preference before hand so there is no guessing!

If you wish to not have those images in your gallery, just tell me that and I will work different angles from the side or head of the bed, tub, floor, wherever you birth.

Baby has just been born. Doctor places baby on mom's belly with her legs still in the stirrups.

Will you be there the whole time?

No, I will not be there the entire length of your labor and delivery. I always tell me clients to notify me as soon as they think things are happening. Whether that means your water broke (or you think your water might have broke) if contractions have started, or any other update indicating a change towards labor.

Then, you and I keep in contact more regularly. Once we have established labor has actually started, we keep updates coming as things progress so I can make my childcare arrangements if needed, get all my gear together if it isn't already, etc.

I plan to start making my way to you once you are in active labor, about 6-7cm, or when contractions have become to the intensity that you are no longer able to walk/talk through them.

After delivery - I stay for about 1-2 hours to document first skin to skin, first latch, baby measurements/weight along with any family member or sibling meetings if they happen while I am there.

Newborn baby on mom's chest with mom and dad's hands supporting.
Mom holds newborn baby in hospital bed while dad sits to the side looking lovingly at his new baby.
New baby laid on back on mom's legs and reached to face while dad fixes hats.

Do I have to pay in full to book?

You can if you wish, but it is not required to book with me.

I require a 30% retainer and signed contract to book. That's it!

The remaining balance is then due by 37 weeks when it's time for me to go on call for you.

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Do you offer payment plans?


If you are interested in having a payment plan tailored to your exact needs, just let me know!

I can set up payment dates and amounts based on what works best for you.


You can also add your birth session to your baby registry! Talk about a great gift idea!

What happens if I go into labor in the middle of the night?

That is not any different to me than a daytime labor or birth. All the same timeframes I mentioned above apply and I will happily (and maybe a little groggily) come to your place of birth at 3am.

How Far In Advance Should I Book?

Due to on call nature of this genre of photography, I take a limited number of birth clients per month. For the best chance that I will have availability for your due date, I recommend booking as soon as you are ready. A lot of clients book towards the beginning of their second trimester which is usually a great time to get things rolling.

Do You Offer Other Types of Photography?

I do! I currently offer Maternity, Birth, Fresh 48, Lifestyle Newborn, and family sessions!

You can take a look at my portfolio here and investment information here.

I'm Not Having My Baby In Tacoma, Is That a Problem?

Not at all! I am based in Puyallup and serve all surrounding areas! This includes Puyallup, Graham, Spanaway, Orting, Eatonville, Roy, Yelm, Lacey, Tacoma, and up to Auburn. Occasionally, I am able to travel further, for example, Seattle or Gig Harbor area.

I hope these frequently asked questions and answers about birth photography helped clear up and uncertainties you may have had!

If you are still feeling unsure or have more questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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