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This story starts in August 22' when I ran a model call special after I first felt the calling of Birth Photography. She reached out, saying she wasn't pregnant yet, but when she was that she would be calling me. I wished her all the best luck and prayers getting pregnant and that was that. I honestly never thought I would hear from her again - because we all know how life gets.

Until 5 months later. When I saw the message, "Hi Jessica! I told you I'd come back once we were pregnant!"

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"I'm Pregnant"

I remember feeling SO happy for her. We set up a phone consult and the rest was history. That phone consult was just like chatting with an old friend - except we had never met. Our "quick phone consult" turned into an hour long phone call where I learned more about their story, and how incredibly loved this baby was already.

I remember getting off of that phone call just feeling so happy and excited.

I was completely over the moon for them and could not wait to document their story. She shared with me that they struggled for two years to conceive, and with a little help from science, they were finally expecting.

We kept in close contact over the months with messages and over the phone - through some ups and downs, some scary moments with a hemorrhage early on but they did everything perfectly and were given the green light that both mama and baby were just fine. I vividly remember the day they found out they were having a girl. She recorded them opening the envelope and sent it to me which was so special! Soon it was time to start planning their maternity session

An immediate Connection

We sent countless messages back and forth, from dresses not fitting and finding alternatives that would arrive in time, to ending up with three beautiful outfits and picking two gorgeous locations. The jokes and funny little things that came with spending hours with these two are memories and experiences I am so thankful for.

"Made with lots of love and a little science"

I put this board together for their maternity session. She wanted something that documented not only the pure joy and excitement of their pregnancy, but also the struggles and time that it took to get here - the full story.

And what a beautiful session it was! Filled with laughs, dances, joy, and excitement.

"My Doctor doesn't think I will make it to my due date"

Everyone thought this baby was going to be here well before her guess date - my client was SURE of it, her midwife was sure of it, I was ready for it.

But week after week - 37, 38,39 - baby was proving everyone wrong. You always hear "Babies are on their own schedule" and I think she really wanted to prove that point.

And prove her point she did! They were scheduled for an induction at 41+1, but there were a lot of people having babies, and therefore they got bumped. A lot.

Finally at 41+5, it was their turn. After a very long and hard round with Pitocin, infection, 3 epidurals, and being stalled at 5cm for many hours - this sweet mama was getting getting prepped to finally meet her baby. Though the sunroof exit was not the desired method by any means, they were excited to get their baby here.

Maternity & Birth Photography

She's here! She is perfect, beautiful, and SO loved.

This new mom wanted to add in something of her own from her birth -

"Something I've learned through this whole experience, it's to not only have a plan but have grace for yourself. Prepare and know what you want, but remember to have grace when the picture perfect pregnancy and birth you wished for doesn't happen. All that matters is our baby girl is healthy, I'm healthy, and we finally have her here with us."