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A Maternity Photography Timeline for Moms-to-Be


Timing the Glow


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Hey there, beautiful mamas!

As you go on this incredible journey of pregnancy, capturing those precious moments through maternity photos is a must.

But, when's the best time to schedule that session to ensure you're showcasing that adorable baby bump in all its glory?

Fear not,

I've got your back with a Maternity Photography Timeline that's as comforting as those late-night cravings.

Finding the Sweet Spot: 28-32 Weeks

So, when's the magic moment?

The sweet spot for most moms-to-be is between weeks 28 and 32.


Well, at this stage, your baby bump is beautifully rounded, you're feeling comfortably radiant, and you likely haven't entered the 'waddle' phase just yet. Trust me; capturing that bump in all its glory during this window ensures you'll look back and think, "Dang, I was a glowing goddess!

Rolling with the Bump: Week 33-36

Now, don't stress if your schedule nudges you into weeks 33-36. While you might be feeling a bit more like a graceful manatee than a gazelle at this point, it's still an excellent time for a photoshoot.

Your bump is stealing the show, and you've got that unmistakable pregnancy glow, even if your favorite shoes are now officially in the 'too hard' basket.

Styling the Bump: Week 22-26

Hold up, let's rewind a bit. If you're itching to capture the early stages of your pregnancy journey, weeks 26-30 are your golden ticket.

Your bump has made it's debut, and you're probably still rocking regular-sized shoes. It's a fantastic time for those initial photos that showcase the anticipation and excitement of the journey ahead.

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Chasing the Light: Golden Hour Sessions

Let's talk lighting –

the unsung hero of a stellar photoshoot. Consider scheduling your maternity session during golden hour, that magical time right before sunset.

The warm, soft glow of the sun will play beautifully on your baby bump, creating a dreamy, ethereal effect that even models envy.

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Tailoring Your Timeline: High-Risk Pregnancy or Multiples

Now, if your pregnancy journey has a few more twists and turns, or you're expecting multiples, your timeline might dance to a different beat.

High-risk pregnancies might benefit from earlier sessions, capturing the joy and anticipation before any potential complications arise. Multiples? Aim for the earlier end of the spectrum to ensure you're comfortably posing before a soccer team starts practicing in your belly.

Embrace the Bump

When it comes to wardrobe choices, let your bump steal the show.

Flowy dresses, snug-fitting tops, and even your partner's oversized button up shirt – embrace the bump, sister!

Solid colors and timeless patterns work wonders, but hey, if you want to rock that funky pattern you've been eyeing, go for it. It's your moment to shine!
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Choosing Your Setting: Nature vs. Urban Jungle

Now, where to stage this maternity masterpiece?

It all depends on your vibe. Nature-loving mamas might opt for a serene park, capturing the bump against a backdrop of lush greenery. Urban jungle enthusiast? The city skyline or a bustling street can add a contemporary edge to your maternity photos.

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Remember, mama, you're a work of art, and your baby bump is the star of the show. Now, go out there and let that bump shine!

So, in a nutshell, timing is everything when it comes to maternity photoshoots.

Whether you're flaunting your bump at 28 weeks or gracefully waddling at 36 weeks, the key is to capture the essence of your unique journey.

So, schedule that session, embrace the glow, and let's freeze those magical moments in time!