Dear Special Moms,

I hope this finds you in a moment of peace amidst the beautifully chaotic journey of motherhood. Today, I want to share a heartwarming story from a recent Christmas photoshoot, a tale that resonates with the shared experiences we navigate daily.

A Connection Beyond Photography

The story begins with a connection – not just between photographer and client, but a deeper link between families walking similar paths. Through the twists of fate, I found myself capturing the moments of a family whose youngest, a two-year-old boy, is suspected to be autistic. His journey, like my own, is woven with unique challenges and extraordinary victories.

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Navigating the Concerns and Hopes

As the session approached, the mom candidly expressed her concerns. Her little one, non-verbal and unaccustomed to the spotlight, was not one to make eye contact or smile on cue.

A familiar worry, isn't it?

We understand the delicate dance of uncertainties that comes with photographing our children.

A Familiar Demeanor

The day finally arrived, and I met this sweet family – a reflection of my own in many ways. Their little one, with big blue eyes and gorgeous sandy hair, mirrored my own special boy in ways. I brought a toy with flashing lights and sounds, hoping it would weave a connection, a bridge between the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Leading with Understanding

My approach was simple yet profound – let him lead the way. In the open canvas of a Christmas backdrop, we followed his rhythm, allowing his joy to set the pace. This was not just about photographs; it was about capturing the genuine, unscripted moments that define the essence of this remarkable family.

I snapped pictures of him smiling and engaging with the camera. His joy was truly seen and captured. I felt so proud and just so happy that I was able to do this for this family and show them that they don't have to be afraid of getting family photos done

And oh, how the session unfolded like a symphony!

His joy melted my whole heart, a silent melody of joy that resonated in every click.

Those eyes, initially hesitant, sparkled with delight. In that moment, I felt a profound sense of accomplishment, not just as a photographer but as a fellow mom who understands the unspoken language of our children.

The Power of Connection - You Are Not Alone

This blog is a letter to you, my fellow special moms, for whom the prospect of family photos can be daunting. It's a testament to the power of connection – the bond we share as we navigate the unique journey of raising extraordinary children.

To the mom worried about her child not making eye contact or smiling on cue, you are not alone. To the mom who fears the judgmental gaze of a lens, you are not alone. I see you. I am you.

Together, let's break the barriers, embrace the unique beauty of our families, and capture moments that redefine the narrative.

My Promise to You -

Consider this not just a blog but a promise. A promise that there is beauty in every moment, a promise that your story deserves to be told, and a promise that, as your photographer, I am here to navigate this journey with you.

With love,


Inclusive Photographer, Special Needs Mom, and Advocate for Extraordinary Families