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Hello fabulous mamas-to-be!

Are you ready to rock your maternity photoshoot in Puyallup? Let's sprinkle some magic on this journey! Here are 10 tips to make your maternity session as fabulous as you are:

Documenting your pregnancy is more than just creating stunning images; it's a cherished investment in capturing the essence of this magical chapter.

Dos: Making Memories Beautiful

Wardrobe Magic:
Feel like the goddess you are! Choose outfits that not only showcase your beautiful bump but also reflect your unique style. Consider a flowy dress for that airy and flowy vibe—it looks stunning and feels comfortable.
Timing is Everything:

Plan your shoot when the lighting is as flattering as your baby bump. Golden hour is my jam!

The art of storytelling

Bring your story to life with personal props. Baby shoes, ultrasound pics, or even your favorite pregnancy craving snack.

Express Yourself, Mama!

puyallup lifestyle & Fine Art Photography

Giggle Fest

Laughter is the best accessory. Snort, chuckle, and let loose for those candid shots that scream joy.

Matchy-Matchy Madness

Coordinate outfits. You're a dynamic duo, not twins.

Gone are the days of perfectly matched outfits. Coordinate, but let each family member's personality shine. A little color variety adds visual interest.

I have a Pinterest board with some great ideas to get you started!

I am also here for planning and love getting a sneak peek of your outfits to help with a second opinion on colors!

don't overthink it!

Perfection is overrated. The best moments often come when things aren't perfectly planned. Embrace the spontaneity, and let the unexpected become part of your beautiful story.

Truthfully, these moments end up being the favorite and most memorable part

Puyallup has charming spots waiting to be explored. Whether it's a scenic park, a cozy corner of your home, or your favorite ice cream spot - choose a location that resonates with you. 

Need suggestions? I've got a list!

puyallup lifestyle & Fine Art Photography

Ready to schedule your maternity photoshoot in Puyallup? Reach out today, and let's make magic together.

There you have it, gorgeous mamas! Your dream maternity photoshoot in Puyallup is just around the corner. Embrace the laughter, the love, and, yes, even the crumbs. These photos are not just about capturing a moment; they're about creating a beautiful memory.

So, go ahead, plan that perfect shoot, and let the magic unfold. Can't wait to see those radiant smiles and adorable baby bumps lighting up Puyallup!
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