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Puyallup’s Family-Friendly Eateries:

A Photographer’s Guide to Culinary Delights




Hey there, Puyallup families! If you've ever attempted to take your squad out for a meal, you know it's not all Instagram-worthy moments and picture-perfect smiles. But guess what? The chaos is part of the fun, and I've got a list of places for you! Get ready for a culinary adventure where laughter is the secret ingredient.

The most fun dinner and dessert duo:

Pizza Party: MOD Pizza

Pizza and family—it's a match made in heaven, especially at MOD Pizza. This place takes your pizza night to the next level. BONUS: There will be no worrying about who likes and doesn't like this or that - you make your own to your taste!

Picture this: Your tribe indulging in personal-sized pizzas with a plethora of toppings, from classic pepperoni to inventive veggie combos. Don't be surprised if a friendly pizza war breaks out; messy faces and cheesy grins guaranteed.

Follow it up with Sweet Tooth’s Haven: Menchie's

This whimsical spot isn't just an ice cream shop; it's an adventure. Imagine your little ones navigating a galaxy of frozen flavors, creating their frozen masterpiece. Brace yourself for a sugar-induced happy dance—it's the stuff family memories are made of.

And again - everyone gets what they want!

This past summer, my family did this exact combo. It was so much fun and I am looking forward to doing it again soon.

We started at MOD and each of us made our own pizza just how we like it. My daughter is a cheese only kind-a-gal, while my oldest son is a classic pepperoni dude. It was great that there was no picking off the pepperoni for my daughter.

My husband and I agree on toppings - mostly. I take this opportunity to add in onions on my pizza because that is something that we do not agree on when ordering a larger pizza to share.

After your delicious dinner, head right across the street and grab your dessert. We opted to take our frozen masterpieces to an outside table and enjoy it in the warm sun.

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Taco Tuesdays Reinvented: Taqueria El Sabor

Hold on to your sombreros because Taqueria El Sabor is not your average taco joint. Tucked away in Puyallup, this spot turns Taco Tuesdays into legendary family feasts. Picture this: Your family indulging in an array of mouthwatering tacos, from classic carne asada to adventurous lengua. It's a flavor fiesta your taste buds won't forget.

Plus, who doesn't like some amazing comfort Mexican food? Chips and salsa get me every time!

Pancake Paradise: The Original Pancake House

If you're looking for a pancake playground, The Original Pancake House is your go-to spot. This family-friendly haven serves up pancakes that redefine the breakfast game.

Picture this: Your crew diving into stacks of fluffy goodness topped with classic syrup or decadent Nutella and fresh berries. It's breakfast for dinner, and it's pure magic.

Red Robin - Hear me out on this one!

Ok so not original, but very tasty!

Did you know they have endless mac and cheese for your kiddos?

It's true, and it is a life saver for those little ones that don't like anything but dino nugs and mac-n-cheese.

Top off the meal with a Mile High Mud Pie to share! There's plenty to go around and it tastes amaaazing.


Navigating the Culinary Quest:

Before you embark on your family foodie escapade, here are some pro-tips to turn potential chaos into cherished moments:

The Napkin Shield

Expect spills, and embrace them. Napkins aren't just for laps; they're shields in the battle against sauce splatters.

The Dessert Dilemma

Opt for places with dessert menus as epic as their main course. It's the golden ticket to ensuring good behavior till the last bite.

Embrace the Imperfection:

Remember, it's not about the perfectly set table; it's about the laughter, the mess, and the love you share.

Fun Places to Carry on The Family Fun After Your Photo Session

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So, there you have it—your guide to Puyallup's kid-friendly culinary delights. Whether you're diving into pancakes for dinner or crafting custom wraps, these family-friendly spots are where unforgettable memories and delicious bites collide.