(Some Of The) Best Places In And Around Puyallup For Your Next Photo Session

If you're looking for a picturesque location for a photo shoot in Puyallup, Washington, I've got a great list for you!

The PNW is beautiful in general, like SO beautiful! The city of Puyallup in itself has some of my favorite locations to have a photo session.

This beautiful city is located about 10 miles southeast of Tacoma, so even if you live in Tacoma, or Orting, Graham, Eatonville or Spanaway, you are so close so this list will be sure to have at least a couple locations that will be conveniently located for you.

I will include some nearby favorites also :)

There's a lovely range of options for stunning backdrops, whether you're looking for a natural setting, rustic scene, or an urban vibe. Here are some of the best places in and around Puyallup to have a photo shoot.

1. Bradley Lake Park

Bradley Lake Park is a popular spot for outdoor activities (if you know, you know) but it's also a great location for a photo shoot. The park features a tranquil lake, wooded areas, and a variety of walking paths.

Whether you're looking for a family photo shoot, engagement photos, or senior portraits, Bradley Lake Park is a beautiful spot that offers a lot of variety.

2. Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park is another great option for a photo shoot in Puyallup. This is a beautiful historic park with an amazing library! They have all kinds of events here like farmers market, Meeker Days, and concerts in the part during the summer.

The beautiful grounds feature a gazebo, a rose garden, and a variety of other plants and flowers. If you are looking for a natural setting or a more formal garden look, Pioneer Park is a great option.

3. Downtown Puyallup

If you're looking for an urban vibe for your photo shoot, downtown Puyallup offers a range of interesting backdrops.

From colorful murals to brick buildings, this area has a lot of character. Additionally, you can take advantage of the local shops and cafes to add some additional spice to your photos.

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4. South Hill

South Hill is another great option for a photo shoot in Puyallup. This area has some amazing little spots for great outdoor pictures.

There's the South Hill Community Park first which is one of my favorite, usually forgotten about, spots!

They have luscious, tall grass with flowers in the spring and summer, a great walking path with beautiful trees and a cute little bridge, and a playground.

Additionally, the area features a variety of parks, including Wildwood Park, which has a very large, beautiful forested area and a creek.

5. Frontier Park

Then there's Frontier Park, which ok is technically Graham. It's a short drive from South Hill and well worth the extra 15 minutes.

There, you'll find sprawling grassy areas with lots of tree cover. There's barns which can add a fun, rustic vibe to your photos.

6. Orting

Just a short drive from Puyallup, Sumner, Bonney Lake, Graham, or even Eatonville and Spanaway - is the beautiful and wonderous Orting.

Orting is know for it's small town charm and the breath taking views of the mountain. When the mountain is out, wow what a sight!

Driving down main street will leave you wide eyed and amazed at the beautiful view of Mt. Rainier.

This area has so much to offer for your next photo session.

You can take the family down to the river for some fun and more unique images. You can make a picnic out of it and spend some time. Skip some rocks in the river and enjoy the views.

There are also many different locations that will allow a full view of Mt. Rainier. How cool is that?! I like to drive around and find a field, or patch of grassy area and have a session! Super easy peasy :)

This might take some strategic planning, trial and error to get a nice and clear day. But you have to believe it is SO worth it!

7. Ft. Steilacoom Park

Last, but by far not least, Fort Steilacoom Park!

This location is in my top 3 locations to shoot, and for good reason!

I have families continuously choosing this location, even three to four times! It's that good guys :)

There's of course the famous red barns and old tractor. While these are very popular and provide a great backdrop, there is so much more hiding around every corner.

Explore a little bit and you'll find so many other great areas to shoot.

There's beautiful, tall grass - EVERYWHERE! And it is GORGEOUS!

Walk the path, find the lake and other fun things!

There is so much potential here and as much as I have been here I still have more areas to discover.


If you are looking for a super fun, upbeat, treat having GREAT time - Do The Puyallup!

I am chomping at the bit to do more photo sessions at the fair. It was one the absolute best thing I have ever done and I LOVE the images so much!

Get some cotton candy and dance around

Take a trip back to your childhood and go for a merry-go-round ride

Play the overpriced games and have so much fun making memories, you won't even realize it's a photo session.

10/10 Highly Recommend doing a photo shoot at the Puyallup Fair at least once!

Giant Cotton Candy For The Kids To Share-err-Argue Over

I hope this list helped you in finding ideas for your next photo session!

From Lakewood to Eatonville - Puyallup and Graham to Bonney Lake - Orting to Sumner and all of the neighborhoods in between, there are incredible photo worthy locations all around us.

Let the creativity shine and explore!