A Journey of Love and Resilience: Documenting a Very Special Maternity Session

In June 2023, I had the privilege of capturing a maternity session that embodied the true essence of love and resilience. This heartwarming tale began when a hopeful couple reached out to me during a special discount offer for birth photography in August 2022. The message conveyed the woman's aspiration for motherhood, despite not being pregnant at the time. She said, "I'm not pregnant yet, but when I am I will be finding you"

And Then it Happened..

Months passed, and life carried on. As time ticked away, I never expected to hear from her again. Then, like a beautiful surprise, a message arrived in December 2022, announcing the long-awaited news—she was pregnant. The joy that flooded my heart was indescribable.

a& T
puyallup, wa - SUMMER 2022

A True Connection

Maternity sessions are more than just pictures

From the very first hour-long phone call, I felt a profound connection. Their story was nothing short of magical. The maternity session, scheduled for June 2023, became a celebration of their journey. Laughter echoed through the air as we documented not just a pregnancy, but a story of love overcoming challenges.

During the session, we explored two locations, donned three outfits, and immortalized the sentiment with a letter board proudly proclaiming, "Made with lots of love and a little science."

The BEST Job

Their story is a testament to the power of hope, the magic of science, and the resilience of the human spirit. It's not just a maternity session; it's a chronicle of triumph, joy, and the beginning of a new chapter. As their photographer, I feel incredibly blessed to have been part of their journey and to document the pure, unbridled love that graced every frame.

A & T Maternity Photo Session

puyallup, wa