Why Hire a Birth Photographer?

Chances are, you have probably seen some birth photos from a Birth Photographer. And might even agree that the pictures are beautiful, right? So incredibly beautiful! But maybe you are still torn? Do I REALLY need to hire a birth photographer? I don't know that I want someone there taking pictures of.....that!

I hear you!

I have thought the same thing before, but also regret it tremendously.

Below are three reasons to hire a birth photographer. I hope you find this helpful and hopefully by the end you will see how important it is to properly document the birth of your baby.

Newborn baby on mom's chest with mom and dad's hands comforting baby
Laboring woman sits in a tile shower letting the hot water relax her, while gripping the bar to cope with contractions
Newborn baby places hands on face with a whimper face, and dad reached out of frame to adjust her hat

Reason One:

Hiring a Birth Photographer will ensure that your story is captured, rather than a few cell phone snaps.

But can't my husband take the pictures for me? I mean, they will be there anyways and I am comfortable with them. While yes, they CAN take pictures for you. Are they going to take THE pictures for you? Along with (probably) not being a birth photographer who is accustomed to the changing light and sometimes tight spaces during birth. Professional Birth Photographers have the gear to handle the lower light, the experience of knowing what shots to get at flattering angles, and know when to move to the right location to capture the right moments. They happen fast, and if your husband is holding your leg and coaching you through contractions, or is emotional, do you really want him to be in charge of getting quality pictures (let's be honest, mostly selfies) or even worse, no pictures of them in the pictures at all?

When you hire a birth photographer, you are hiring a professional who understands that birth photography is not just about crowning shots (,yes I will get those for you if you want them!) but rather, it's about the story. YOUR story. We document the labor, the different laboring positions, the sweet and tender moments between your partner and you, the moment your baby enters the world and takes their first breath and both of your reactions during the process.

Reason Two:

SO you and YOUR PARTNER CAN FULLY BE THERE. this one is probably the biggest reason for me, personally.

While your partner will hopefully already be present during your labor and delivery, wouldn't you want them to be able to focus on you and your new baby? It may seem like common sense and second nature to just say, "Oh yeah they can just take some pictures" but is it reasonable?

Your partner is having a baby too, and I can promise you that the last thing they want or need to worry about is making sure they get all the pictures.

BONUS: Dad gets to be in the pictures too!

If dad is busy trying to help you, help himself navigate what is probably an emotional and unfamiliar time, make sure you and the baby are doing ok, and trying to capture the moments, chances are that he won't be in very many of the pictures at all...if he is super dad and is able to get some pictures of you all together, do you really want the first images of you as a family to be selfies?

The moment you meet your baby will happen once, let a professional Birth Photographer document it for you. It's a once in a lifetime moment, much like when you get married and you would hire a photographer to document the day - the same is true for the birth of your child whether it be your first or sixth.

Husband and wife sit in birth pool together as their baby is birthed and placed on mom's chest
Newborn baby is wrapped in a blanket and placed on mom while dad leans in to see his baby for the first time
Woman delivers baby and catches her baby while dad admires and wipes away a tear
Woman labors against labor bar while husband holds fan on her to keep her cool

Reason Three:

professional birth photographers provide images that will last a lifetime

Have you ever been to an event and used your phone to take pictures to document the day? You may have posted a few to social media, but then what happened to them? They were most likely not quality enough to have printed and they more than likely lived in your phone gallery just taking up space. With high quality images from a professional birth photographer, you are able to not only get them printed - but you are able to save high resolution images to a thumb drive to place in your child's baby box so they can see and have the images when they are older!

Professional Birth Photographers invest a large majority of their lives into researching camera bodies, lenses, techniques, and editing software to make sure they are providing the best possible images they can. So when you hire a professional birth photographer, you are getting all of that expertise and exceptional quality wrapped up in one person. This will ensure that the images you get of your child's birth, will last forever.

Dad hold newborn baby for the first time looking down and admiring his new daughter in black and white photot
there are so many reasons to hire a birth photographer! to have high quality images that will last forever, allowing you and your partner to be fully present, and having images of everyone present together.

Hiring a birth photographer is so invaluable! Whether you hire a birth photographer for one or all of the reasons above, or for a completely different reason unique to your family - The only pictures you regret are the ones you didn't get.

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