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A Sweet Summer Family Session at Nisqually Wildlife Refuge

Let's Set The Stage

The sun was playing its golden symphony, and the warmth of August enveloped a sweet family—mom, dad, and their energetic two-year-old. Our story began when this wonderful trio responded to a model call for a cake smash, marking the first chapter of our photographic journey together. Fast forward to a sun-soaked day at the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge, where we embraced the beauty of nature, bugs and all.


The air was filled with laughter as we navigated the rustic charm of barns and the tranquil allure of the boardwalk. However, our toddler, true to his spirited nature, had other plans.

The allure of barns and boardwalks didn't quite capture his attention. Yet, armed with creativity, we turned the session into an adventure of games, joyful swings, and, unexpectedly, a game of berry-throwing that had him gleefully engaged.

In a delightful twist, I later discovered that this impromptu family session coincided with the little one's birthday—what a way to celebrate turning two! The day may have been warm, the sun showing off its brilliance, and the bugs quite insistent, but the love and laughter shared among this family were the true highlights.

Now, without further ado, let's relive those sun-kissed moments and candid smiles through the lens of this heartwarming family session at the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge.