Hey mama!

Are you one of the many (myself included) who like to get your family photos done in fall?

It really is a great time to get your photos done, no doubt about that.

But have you ever though about changing it up?

Hear me out here -

If you only get your photos done in the fall...ALL OF YOUR PICTURES LOOK THE SAME...

Let's go through some other ideas and comparisons of having your photos done in other seasons, like Spring!

I'll even show you some examples of photos done at the same location but in different times of the year.

1. The Weather

Spring weather is usually mild and comfortable, with temperatures warming up and days getting longer. This makes it a great time to plan an outdoor photoshoot, as you won't have to worry about your family getting too hot or too cold.

Plus, the soft, natural light that is characteristic of spring can help create stunning, well-lit photos that capture the essence of your family in a natural and authentic way.

This time of year, most families are feeling really good, excited about the sunshine, and yearning to be outside. When you have a photographer that utilizes fun play in their sessions, this makes it the best time to get photos done.

2. The scenery is stunning

Spring is a time of renewal and growth, and this is reflected in the natural scenery around us. Trees are blossoming, flowers are blooming, and the world is coming back to life after the cold and dormant winter months.

This makes for a beautiful and vibrant backdrop for your family photos, and can help create a sense of joy and positivity in your images.

If you only book your family photo sessions in the fall - while I am sure your photos are beautiful and precious - you are lacking the bright, colorful, bold skies you could get with Spring photos.

And all of you pictures essentially, look the same. By booking a family photo session in the Spring, you'll also be bringing in diversity in your images and have a new , fresh look to the images around your home.

Bonus: Book the full photo session in the Spring, and do a less expensive option for the holidays. Win Win!

This photo is full of color, beautiful skies, and flowers

This photo was taken in the same location just in fall! Look how different they are! While both images are beautiful, you can see a huge difference in scenery.

3. It's a great way to capture family milestones

Spring is a time of new beginnings and milestones, and this makes it an excellent time to capture family photos. Whether you're celebrating a graduation, a new job, a new addition to the family, or simply the joy of being together, spring photos can help capture these moments in a way that is timeless and special.

4. It's a unique alternative to fall photos

While fall photos are a classic choice, getting spring photos done can be a unique and fresh alternative that sets your family apart. By choosing to capture your family during this time of year, you're embracing the beauty and vibrancy of the season and creating images that are truly one-of-a-kind.

See The Differences Below

Each of the images below were taken at the same location!

First, I LOVE this location so much. Hands down favorite!

But you can clearly see just how different your photos can be from Spring, to Summer, to Winter. The variety is amazing and adds so much uniqueness to your photos.

Late Spring -

Beautiful, tall, green grass, to play in. There were flowers and a vibrant sunset. Bonus - the mountain was out and it made for a STUNNING backdrop to this vibrant session.

Winter -

This session was beautiful - 27 degrees and at 8am, but beautiful and so worth it. Everything was frosted over and foggy which really complimented this couple's outfits.

Summer -

This session was in the summer, at the same location as the others! Can you see why this is my favorite spot?

The tall grass, dirt road, flowers, and the way that golden sun hits this spot is just magical!

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